Cricothyroidotomy in Indians - A Study
Posted by webmaster on May 14 2010 01:03:00
Morphometric analysis and clinical application of the working dimensions of cricothyroid membrane in south Indian adults: With special relevance to surgical cricothyroidotomy
Ivan J Prithishkumar and Suresh S David
Institute of Anatomy, Government Madras Medical College and Research Institute, Chennai and
Department of Emergency medicine, Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore, India

To measure the working dimensions of the cricothyroid membrane in the adult south Indian population and to establish the association between the working dimensions and the appropriate endotracheal tube size for the purpose of cricothyroidotomy.

Cross-sectional evaluation of 50 fresh adult autopsy cases (35 men, 15 women) in a medical university teaching hospital in South India.

Working dimensions are smaller in the Indian group compared with western publications. Endotracheal tubes ranging from size 3.0 to 6.0 might be used for cricothyroidotomy in the adult south Indian population.

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