Thread subject: NEPI :: Definition of Emergency 'Care' .

Posted by dr_seem on 04-02-2011 13:33

Hi friends,

Its been a long while that i had visited this forum.It was indeed refreshing to read all that i missed out on this forum for almost a year now.The reason that brought me today is a question,simple or complex is yet to be decided.I have seen lot of threads on training ,courses exams..but what about the set up where these things are provided.Cud anyone please throw some light on an ideal emergency room and When do we call a system good enough for emergency care or lets say practising safe and effective emergency medicine ?

Posted by imron on 09-02-2011 19:25

Primary Components of an Emergency Care System

1) Prehospital care (Ambulances, Paramedics, Drivers, Call Center)

2) Emergency Room (Doctors, Nurses, Supporting staff, facility)

3) Hospital Facilities (Radiology, CT, Labs, OTs, Cath, ICUs, and specialty teams)

All three are important. A patient moving through the ER must receive high quality care at every point. This is possible only with proper training.