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Posted by stemlyns on 20-01-2011 06:15

Heard ATLS is up and running in Delhi(AIIMS).Any idea if is it worth doing the couse and costs etc.Is there any chance for centers coming up in Hyderbad in the near future(Apollo)

Posted by maroju on 24-01-2011 00:22

Yes. You aree right.
Like any other course, it is quite useful. They teach the very basics and principles of trauma management. The good thing is that this would be recognised almost worldwide (as it is affiliated to the American College of Surgeons). However, the downside would be that it would be expensive (because of its American affiliation). I am sure you can get more details from their website (!
Ther seem to be a couple of other centres that are offering the same course. Details are on their website.

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Posted by stemlyns on 24-01-2011 21:42

Thanks sir for your reply.
I will contact ATLS staff in Delhi about the course and places.

Posted by drlokeshwar on 20-05-2011 18:53

ATLS is "popular" owing to its ACS accreditation.i would vote for the EMTC course conducted by CMC vellore, which is very economical compared to the cost of ATLS.Yet the teaching was really enjoyable and useful.
another one is CTLS by ITACCS which is also good for trauma management