Thread subject: NEPI :: Interesting case

Posted by morpheus on 27-01-2011 08:39

hi guys,
this is awesome, reminds me of the time when we used to do our m&m s.
Well anyways, not seeing any live patients these days, not in person atleast, but i came across this interesting piece in Academic Emergency Medicine journal.

CASE TITLE: One last question

So, the case report goes on to tell you about the experience of a senior physician in the ED, who says that he is usually very busy, esp. with multiple patients, and with residents taking care of most of the workload, he usually meets up with patients, to talk to them about their disposition and nothing much...!!
So anyways, he meets an elderly gentleman one day, who has presented to the ED with flank pain, radiating to the groin. The work up has revealed that he has renal calculi and so, he is put on pain meds, given the appropriate advice and this physician is just about to walk out, when the patient tells him....
But doc, i have one last question for you.
You see my watch, and he shows him the wrist watch, plays the loud alarm on it, and says, for the past few days i have not been able to hear this.. i have also had a wooshing ringing sound in my ear. i was wondering if this is related to my renal stones....
That put the physicians mind in a fix, he quickly ran thru the list of ototoxic medications... loop diuretics, antibiotics like aminoglycosides, chemotherapy agents, and reviewed the patients chart, but found none of these....
And then the patient volunteered the information, also doc... i have been taking my aspirin diligently regularly for my heart disease...though it becomes tough keep up...
The doctor asked... how much aspirin do you take...
the patient said... 4 tabs, every 2 hours... is that too much???

Couldnt help but put a smile on my face, and this reminds me of the multitude of times, when i have rushed thru medication dosing with my patients... ah well... alls well that rings well in the ears!!!